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Helping “Old Shatterhands”

On behalf of the whole NGO we want to thank the “Chamer Squash und Freizeitclub e.V.” for their donation of 1,000€ for our project. These are the revenues of this years sommernight-festival. The “Old-Shatterhand-Festival“, how it is widely known, attracted a lot of people in Pitzling for the 31st time this year. With the donation […]

Motivated students ran 1116 km

1116 km. This is the distance between Cham and Rome. However this wasn’t about an extreme Marathon to the Italian capital. Because the students from the Joseph-von-Fraunhofer Gymnasium (JvFG) accomplished this distance in totally 1800 rounds around the “Quadfeldmühle” in Cham. They made this sudatory effort not just for fun but for charity: In the […]

Donation from the Theatre players Pemfling

The handing over of the donation on Saturday, 20th of July, went on really jovially. A delegation of our NGO met with members of the amateur-theatre-group Pemfling at the terrace of the restaurant “Da Virginio” in Cham. Their chairman, Katja Kraus, handed over a check worth 1.000 € (= 6,000 Ghc). This is part of […]

2018 – the year in review

What we would have very much liked to report on here was the start of the construction of the school. Unfortunately our anticipated planning didn’t work out even and therefore we have to wait for another couple of month till the beginning of the construction works. Though the year 2018 started with a construction site. […]

Let’s move for a better world challenge

Still in 2018 our cooperation with the Fitnesslounge Cham started. The owner Martin Hiebl was very excited about our project and wanted to support us. In November the first event started: The “Let’s move for a better world challenge”. In a challenge system the members’ training achievements were converted into points for which the fitnesscenter […]

Charity run at the KAG

Still there is eager whispering and laughter but then suddenly silence sets in the assembly hall of the Konrad-Adenauer-Gymnasium(KAG)  in Westerburg. Drum beating sounds from the speakers. Christoph Wenzl rises the students’ attention for the following programme with a short opening movie. Because on June 11th there was neither maths nor German on the sixth […]

A borehole for Taha

In the long-time planning of the school there was always considered to dig a borehole, first however only to supply the students and teachers with drinking water. But our local partner ensured us that already during the construction period the direct accessibility of water would make work much easier. Moreover the easier access to clean […]

Annual review over the year 2017

Even though there is still no school building on our property in Taha, a lot has happened last year. Of course, we want to keep you up to date and have put together a yearly overview of the past year: Strong local partner In 2017, an NGO (non-governmental organization) was founded in Ghana under the […]